Voices Of The Wind – Native America Flute Songs

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A book/CD featuring First Nations flute songs of a variety of North American First Nation groups. The songs are contextualized and played on both native flute and recorder, with transcriptions provided. A great way to extend a class Orff or woodwinds programme, while providing scope for individual research into the songs and extension of the songs into vocal versions. These are haunting, wonderful melodies, traditional and ancient mixed with contemporary, and notes and performances by noted First Nations flute performers. A valuable addition to study of First Nations, and an accessible and moving portal into musical expression of these groups.

Product Description

This book/CD by Bryan Burton and Maria Pondish Kreiter brings First Nations music into the realm of flute and recorders in the classroom. It introduces students to the rich flute tradition that encompasses an ancient oral tradition as well as new composition in North America. Scores for the 11 songs are included, but  tracks on the CD encourage oral learning as well, with playing styles and ornaments carefully detailed in the book and illustrated in the CD tracks. This is a great way to extend learning of First Nations arts and culture, and to add to vocal repertoire and understanding of the music of a number of First Nations groups. CDs can be used in several ways – as examples to play with or sing along, as listening exercises to pick out ornaments and pitch variations, as the basis of individual research into stories and songs. A variety of song types are included -love songs, stomp and round dances, honoring and popular songs. A great followup to Bryan Burton’s well-known vocal and dance volume, Moving Within The Circle.

Publisher information:

The 8.5″ x 11″ book includes:

    • 11 traditional flute songs
    • Copy-OK scores for vocal and instrumental versions, copy-OK map of song origins
    • Anecdotes and cultural background for each song
    • Playing tips, typical ornaments and embellishments
    • Vocal versions for pieces that originally were sung; suggestions

for appropriate accompaniment

  • History of the traditional Native American flute
  • Information about flute makers and how to contact them
  • Appendix: Guided Listening: Performances by R. Carlos Nakai and Robert Tree Cody Suggested Lesson Plans and Extensions for using the songs in the classroom
  • Selected discography

The companion audio CD includes:

  • Each song performed on traditional Native American wood flutes, and each on soprano or alto recorder
  • Performances by R. Carlos Nakai and Robert Tree Cody