Moving Within The Circle – Native American Music And Dance 2nd Ed.

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A second edition of a well-known book by Bryan Burton, featuring 36 songs from a number of First Nations groups in North America. Musically accessible for all elementary teachers and classes, it allows exploration of several traditional and contemporary song styles and dances, while giving students the experience of personally performing the songs and dances. The CD provides audio examples of the songs, and the book tells how to teach them and provides activities to go along with them. A first-rate introduction to First Nations music, presented in all its vibrant context and colour.

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Product Description

Here is an updated classic teacher resource on First Nations song and dance, by Bryan Burton. It contains 36 songs from a number of groups – Apache, Zuni, Oneida, Seneca, Lakota, and others. Though some groups are located in southwestern USA, others are from groups geographically partly within Canada or historically associated with Canada in various ways. Organized by song, it guides listening through transcriptions and information, while setting up the songs and dances to be taught and learned in the classroom. Format is clear and friendly, with illustrations throughout and extra information about each group represented. A strength of this book is that Burton learned the songs directly from performers, and performers recorded are contemporary: the song styles are in use now, even including a rock anthem, and they are relevant for study in a variety of classroom contexts and subjects – as well as feeling immediate and alive. (For an even more school-friendly version, ask about the teaching kit which, at a higher cost, includes slides for presentation and expands the book material for used in the classroom.) This is a book/CD that asks to be used over and over again because of its wealth of styles, dances, and songs.

Audio: I walk in Beauty

Audio: O Hal’lwe