Drums Of Ghana – Part 1: Bobobo Songs

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A collection of 8 Bobobo songs from Ghana arranged and recorded by Kwasi Dunyo, Ewe master drummer, instructor, and workshop organizer and presenter in Canada and abroad. The CD contains the songs sung in Ewe with accompaniment, and supplementary separate tracks of drum, axatse, and gankogui accompaniments for use in the classroom. A classroom-friendly introduction to this accessible and authentic Ghanaian song and dance genre.

Product Description

A CD of Bobobo songs of Ewe in Ghana, arranged and recorded by Kwasi Dunyo, a musician, teacher, and workshop leader based in Toronto, Ontario. This CD provides the songs sung in Ewe for oral learning, along with drums, axatse (rattle), and gankogui (bell) accompaniments. Accompaniments are also provided as separate tracks for use in the classroom. Bobobo songs are a 2oth century popular song and dance form used for many kinds of occasions in Ghana – they are catchy, tuneful, and fun to perform, and can use various kinds of percussion groups playing with the vocals. Songs provided on the DVD are Mie Le Ago Dom Na Mi, Mie Va Do Lo, Gbe Si Gbe Ma Ku La, Bobo Mia Do Dali, Lolo Nye Hafi Na Dzo La, Agama Gble Menye, Devi Sue De Me Nye, and Novi Lolo. These will soon be available on the site as a songbook with notation. This CD is a great way to expand classroom use of bobobo songs, since three of them are used in A World In Music – West Africa, the teacher resource and CD also available on this site. Drums Of Ghana is a great way to extend and deepen the understanding started in that book, from a master in the Ewe drumming tradition.