A World In Music – Book 1 “West Africa” – Print copy and audio CD

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The first volume of the series “A World In Music” presents a new approach to teaching world music.  It has music, yes, but it also teaches cultural ideas that are reflected in music – such as different concepts of language and how words can be used to teach rhythms, stories as expressions of cultural values, participation as a goal of performance, songs and performances as dynamic expressions guided by the performers themselves. The volume contains musical and cultural activities suitable for use in elementary classrooms, and a range of complexity in ensembles that can extend to early secondary school. 170 p. plus 49-track CD of practice and learning examples. This is the bundled version of the resource.

Product Description

This volume uses music and musical ideas from groups in West Africa to help students to learn and perform music, and also to become aware of the use of sounds and  instruments in other aspects of arts and culture – percussion ensembles, songs, tonal languages, children’s rhymes and fingerplays, a Yoruba story.  A variety of activities for use by teachers with and without formal musical training, and music reading is not required to use the book or carry out most of the activities. Musical notation is provided for teachers who wish to use it – though the music often works better without it – and both aural and alternate kinds of notation are provided.  Ensembles with complex percussion and vocals can be formed in more advanced music classes. As in forthcoming volumes on other music cultures, the book has detailed directions for teaching, sample worksheets to copy, and audio CD examples and notation for teachers to use in their own learning and in demonstrating to students.  The book also suggests sources for other print and audio music resources.

ISBN: 978-0-9939830-0-9
ISBN (CD): 978-0-9939830-1-6


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