Products & Services

Our Products and Services:

Products Designed by WorldMusic Education Resources

  • “A World In Music – West Africa”– A resource and activity publication exploring music of West Africa, designed by WorldMusic Education Resources.  The Module has 6 units of lessons and activities based on the music culture, an accompanying CD and student copy-ready worksheets.  Future music culture modules will be offered.
  • Individual Lessons and Units – From “A World In Music”, priced per activity and including audio downloads and worksheets
  • Audio and Video Tracks – additional examples relevant to the curriculum but not included in the publication


Other Teacher Resources

Print Products:

Songbooks and associated CDs – Global, US-based, and Canadian collections of culture-specific musics, with CDs where available

Other curriculum resources – Publications with culture-specific activities, games, music, lessons, ideas for teachers wishing to teach about other music cultures

Audio Products

CDs of global musics – Sound resources categorized by region and/or country.  Includes targeted education CDs, children’s CDs, examples for teachers, audio resources generally

Canadian First Nations resources – CDs of musics of various First Nations publications about music, selected CDs recommended by First Nations consultants

Canadian performers – A selection of Canadian CDs of various kinds of music will be offered for sale, where they are likely to be useful to teachers.  E.g. Acadian music, fiddle music of various kinds, other regional musics from all provinces, and CDs by performers who have brought and adapted musics from their home countries

DVDs and video resources – Video resources about world musics as performed in Canada and globally.


Links and Information

Culture-specific resources and lessons – links to sources of information about world cultures

Music resources and cultural information – links provided as a service for teachers looking for music information

Teacher/User blog – registered area for exchanges of information and suggestions

Workshops and Sources for live performance and instruction in a school setting


Curriculum Development

This is offered on a fee-for-service basis, and may involve working together with musicians, my own online university course development, and my own resource publication development.  It may also involve grant application and seeking outside funding for some aspects. Please contact me for more information.