What store items will you be carrying? Are they for all teachers or just music teachers?

There are different kinds of resources here. Some can used for ordinary class teaching of world music where music reading may not be a priority, and  others are for dedicated music programmes. Some can be used for both and can be taught either aurally or with notation, or include lessons for more advanced classes. Catalogue writeups give an idea of appropriate age group and class use. The idea is to give a variety of ways to teach global musics, or to use music to extend learning in other teaching subjects such as social studies and language arts – and to make it fun! There is even a rap set – yes, it teaches rhythmic understanding, creativity in expression, differentiation of weak and strong beats and their use in language, and more – but it’s a great way to do it!

The store has a mix of items from Canadian authors/performers, as well as US-published educational materials. Some are new publications from WorldMusic Education Resources, while others are classic materials featuring world music cultures. Audio is usually included as part of the price with published manuals, and for those looking for unique sounds and informational documentaries there are stand-alone audio and video products featuring performers from abroad.