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WorldMusic Education Resources: Bring Global Music into your classroom!

Learn about music from around the world and find unique ways to share it with your K-10 students. We have resource materials to get you started, and recordings and videos to enrich areas you are already discovering. You will find helpful links, and have a chance through the forum to learn from other teachers and contribute your own ideas.

Embracing cultural diversity can start here. As educators, we introduce students to the globe – to new ideas, customs, and ways that people interpret and reflect their worlds. We also show what is common to all people, and this helps students to understand and negotiate the many customs and ideas that come together in the North American cultural landscape. The arts can help to develop understanding and acceptance, and music engages students through direct experience with music and  culture.

We invite you to look through this site and see what we have to offer, and what we will add in future months. The store will have a variety of teaching materials and examples, some by WorldMusic Education Resources, and others that can be purchased here or through links to other sources. Try us out and see what we do!


"A World In Music - West Africa" is in stock - along with an array of new products. I hope you find the site useful, and I am always glad to hear your feedback.

Resource Manuals

“A World In Music – West Africa” is now available. Click here to find out more about the series and forthcoming resource books.

Other resources for teachers

Here you will find links to materials and information you may find useful as you prepare to teach global musics in your classrooms. More will be added as the site develops. Feel free to send your suggestions of sources through the Contact area. Links to resources related to Africa, Japan, and First Nations are available here, with additional ones under the Resources tab.

Ask a Question

Ask here for questions about the site, products, or about sourcing items you may be trying to find.